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 Force vs Intelligence?

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PostSubject: Force vs Intelligence?   Tue 23 Jul - 15:11

I was wondering, now this might make the PnP unbalanced I'm not sure, however why don't we give Force attribute the same effect as Intelligence. You gain + 1 skill point to every 2 points in Intelligence every 10 character levels in game. Make this possible for Force as well. It would be interesting to see how this effects the PnP. Plus it makes sense that the Force would improve all of our skills if we have it. This would make it so that, although available to Force users, we wouldn't need it because we have Force. Plus make Intelligence easier for non force users to have and harder for force users to have, keeping in mind that it has to make sense.

Thanks for all your hard work Oyo, hope to talk to you soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Force vs Intelligence?   Tue 23 Jul - 19:19

I disagree. Not that it is more balanced as it is now with force users being slightly more powerful, but also has no sense. The force is energy, not brain. If you want them to be equal we can just as well add intelligent people to lift and move objects. We would have one same attribute with different name. It is good as it is now.
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Force vs Intelligence?
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