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PostSubject: GRENADE LAUNCHER   Thu 9 Jul - 1:48


Damage Type: 1d10 Physical Blundgeoning + ammo
Ammo: Grenades
Critical: 20-20 (x2)
Range: 1-20 meters/hex
Size: Medium
Use: Attack skills

A grenade launcher was a portable weapon used to shoot grenades over longer distances than they could normally be thrown. Grenade launchers were military weapons that greatly improved the range of grenades. Grenades fired by grenade launchers always exploded on impact, regardless of timers and add their impact force as a additional physical damage to the grenade before it explodes. This physical damage applies only to 1 hex, the spot where grenade hits, and does not have area of effect, like the exploding grenade has. Grenade Launcher without grenandes can be used only in melee combat.
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