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PostSubject: STAFF SWORD   Thu 2 Jul - 3:38


Damage Type: 1d15 Physical Slashing
Critical: 19-20 (x3)
Size: Medium
Use: Attack and Defense skills

The vibro double-blade was a variation of the more common vibroblade. This twin blade variation used Echani cortosis-weave technology which was heavier and less precise, but more powerful than its single-bladed cousin. Ludo Kressh possibly used one, as did Marl the duelist from Taris, and the Sith Governor of Taris. The double-blade, like the double-bladed lightsaber, was difficult to master but could provide an advantage in battle. In addition, double-blades generally tended to cost more than the standard vibroblade. The accuracy of this weapon was questioned in the fact that it was a supposed cousin of the Force pike and the double-bladed lightsaber. Like its Jedi-weapon cousin, a vibro double-blade could cut the wielder in half; the wielder in turn had to be specifically trained to handle the weapon. Someone inexperienced with the weapon would likely injure themselves to the point to maiming or killing themselves.
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