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PostSubject: FLANK   Fri 22 May - 2:28


This feat allows you to perform sneak attack while not in stealth. You must have trained sneak attack for flanking to work. Flanking ranks improve the angle from which you can perform sneak attack. You can flank from any distance as long as your attack has the required range. Examples of the flank can be seen in this hex field. These symbols represent target's facing direction:

Blue Arrow is target facing direction to north/up
Red Arrow: Flank Rank 1
Yellow Arrow: Flank Rank 2
Purple Arrow: Flank Rank 3
Black Arrow: Flank Rank 4
Rank 5: Any Hexagon that is not in facing Target directly

Feat: Talent
Damage Type: Sneak Attack
Counter: Angle

Rank 1:
You can flank target from behind
You do 50% of sneak attack damage

Rank 2:
Your flank angle from behind is increased
You do 50% of sneak attack damage

Rank 3:
Your flank angle from behind is further increased
You do 50% of sneak attack damage

Rank 4:
Evolution A: You can flank target from the sides
Evolution B: You do 75% of sneak attack damage

Rank 5:
Evolution A: You can flank target from anywhere as long the target is not facing you
Evolution B: You do 100% of Sneak attack damage as if you attacked from stealth
Evolution C: Flank attacks gains Critical Multiplier +1

Flank: Flank is used to activate sneak attack without going to stealth.
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